Surrey's Party & Wedding DJ Specialist

Who are we?

Mirage is a high quality mobile disco established in 1996, based around London, Surrey, West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent and the South East of England. Our emphasis is on quality and reliability - which are things that we pride ourselves on. We only use top of the range equipment for our performances, to give hi-fi quality sound and a dazzling lightshow. Our DJs are as skilled as many of the top nightclub performers, and have worked with some well-known names.

What type of events do we do?

Everything from large outdoors events, to a party in your house or a marquee in your garden. 70's and 80's Nights, Weddings, Birthday Parties,18th, 21st, Pubs and Clubs, Raves, Barbecues, Children's Parties, Corporate Events and any other excuse for a party you can think of! We can provide you with anything from a true nightclub house and garage sound and light experience with live mixing, to quiet easy listening background music - and all at the same event if that's what you want.

The important thing is that your event is unique

Our experienced DJs will play what you and your guests want, and find whatever gets them up and dancing.

Lots of Music!

As you can see if you have a look at our Music List, we have a wide, ever expanding range of music to suit any occasion - all of which we bring with us. Swing, Reggae, 60's, Rock & Roll, R & B, Soul, 70's, Glam Rock, House and Garage, Brit Pop, Irish, Party favourites, Children's songs and whatever other categories you care to mention - we have it, or will get it for you. To help you decide what tracks you might want, or just to remind yourself what that old obscure song sounded like, try out the song clips on the Music List. Feel free to browse.

Why Choose Us?

Here are just a few of the thank you letters we have received from satisfied customers in the past.

Things to consider when choosing a DJ

Quite often the entertainment is the last thing to be booked for your special event and is sometimes not given the careful thought that is required to get the best results. We know from experience that one of the main things people remember is how good your entertainment was, it can literally make or completely ruin your event, so choose carefully, the cheapest isn't always going to be your best option.

We know people like to shop around and compare prices so here are a few things you may also wish to consider:

  • Make sure you are issued with a written booking confirmation or contract.
  • Make sure they have a current Public Liability Insurance Certificate. This is really important as more and more venues are now asking for this, we really wouldn't recommend booking anyone who isn't insured.
  • Make sure they have a current PAT Test Certificate.
  • Check the DJ has experience of the type of function you wish to book them for.
  • Check you are able to create a playlist and select music you would like the DJ to play during your function.
  • Check they have adequate lighting and amplification to fill your venue. As a general rule of thumb 10 watts of sound is required for every guest at your function, so for 100 people 1000 watts of sound is required. A large sound system can always be turned down but a small one cannot be turned up without it sounding horribly distorted. Distorted sound damages speakers, which could mean the end of the night.
  • Check they carry backup equipment. This is of paramount importance in the case of sound equipment, everyone will notice if something goes wrong with the sound. Do they carry a spare Mixer / Controller, CD Player, Amplifier and most importantly cables? Around 90% of all sound problems are caused by a bad cable.

Lastly when you book us you get me - Nick Hutt, we do not operate as an agent or multi-op. While they will give you assurances that someone will attend your party no matter what as they have x amount of DJs on their books, you may not know who they are going to send and in some cases may not be allowed to contact or have any communication with the DJ before your party. The DJ allocated to your party may not even be given any details about it until a few days before giving them very little time to prepare. The agent or multi-op will often have several parties or more to handle on that day, they may be unable to give your party their full attention. With us your party will always have our full attention as it will be the only one we are attending on that day.

How to Contact Us

To contact us you can either call us on 07957 791188, email, or fill in the Contact Form with details of your event. References are available on request. If you decide to book, we will send you a written booking confirmation together with a login for our website which gives you access to our Online Playlist Creator, so we can ensure that you get the music you want.

Nick Hutt

Nick Hutt

Nick is the main DJ and owner of Mirage, with over 26 years experience in all kinds of events. As a professional sound and lighting engineer, the sound quality and lighting of the disco are a matter of pride. He is always happy to visit any venues with his clients to discuss their individual requirements to avoid any unforeseen problems on the day.