Uplighters, Giant Love Letters and our Full Colour Laser System

Superior Perfomance and Robust Reliability

We pride ourselves on using top of the range, no expense spared equipment, to provide a superior performance and robust reliability. Our primary music source is now digital media but we still carry CDs and a twin CD player to give us access to another music source should it be required. All our work computers contain solid state storage so they are as robust and reliable as possible while on the road.

Why Digital?

It enables us to have all our music readily available at our fingertips, meaning we can find absolutely anything in our music library in a matter of seconds. Almost all of our music is also stored in a lossless format giving us the best possible sound quality from the start of the audio signal chain right through to the speakers at the end of it.

Digital Media Controller & Serato DJ PRO

Digital Media Controller & Serato DJ PRO

Roland is one of the industry leaders for creating high end Digital Media Controllers. Couple this with Serato DJ software and we have a really solid and powerful playback system which is perfect for our needs.

FBT Vertus CS1000 Speaker System

FBT Vertus CS1000 Speaker System

Our goto system for some of our slightly smaller events. The FBT Vertus CS1000 is a compact line array system that delivers a big sound. It's a bi-amplified system with a 12" subwoofer and passive mounted satellite. The system delivers up to 2000 Watts of crystal clear sound and is perfect for the more intimate venues where space may be restricted. For larger events, outside or in a marquee we can double up with 4 of our FBT Vertus CS1000 systems, turning it into a powerful 4000 Watt array of sound.

Illuminated Love Letters

Uplighters, Lighting and our Full Colour Laser System

Our range of lighting effects includes everything needed to set the right mood during your function or event, from subtle colour changes during a dinner or start of the evening to vibrant colourful patterns and laser effects scanning the dance floor. All of our lighting is fully computer controlled so it's easy for us to get it to do exactly what we want it to.

Our Full Colour Laser System is one of the most amazing light effects we have in our show, it was built in the UK by Stanwax Laser, a well respected UK Laser Company. It complies with all British Safety Standards regarding lasers and is something most other Mobile DJs are unable to offer. It can be used to personalise your function and put your name up in lights along with plenty of other stunning slides and animations onto a suitable surface in the venue. You can see some photos of it in action with some of our other lighting above.

Uplighters can completely transform the look of a room, they can either be set to a single static colour or via our computer control produce a whole rainbow of colours. Later on in the evening they can be set to change colour to the beat of the music, further enhancing our light show. We have some examples of them in action above.

We can also supply you with those giant illuminated Love letters like those in the box, top left. Or even one of those snazzy starlit dance floors.

All these stunning effects can be further enhanced into an amazing beam show -venue permitting- with the use of a haze machine.