Requesting Music for your Party, Wedding or Event Couldn't be Easier

With Our Online Playlist Creator

This is the easiest way to create a playlist for your party; click for instructions on how to use it:

  • Type an Artist or Song Title in the Search Box; Artists and Song titles will be listed below it.
  • Click or Tap on a suggestion to add it; or use the Up and Down arrow keys on your keyboard to highlight the selection; press Enter or Tab to add it.
  • To add an Artist or Song Title we don't have; type the Artist name; press Tab; type the Song Title; press Enter. The Song Title may be omitted to add anything by that Artist. If you are using a touch screen you must include a hyphen after the Artist Name; press the Space Key, Minus Key, Space Key.
  • A comment can be added by typing it and pressing Enter.
  • To Re-Order, Edit, Delete or Add and Remove Songs from the various groups, tap or click on the item to open the Options Sidebar and Activate it for dragging, you can now move it to where you want it.

There is no need to save your playlist, it is stored on the server and updated as you make changes.

Please note: While we will make every effort to keep your playlist safe, we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to your playlist. If a problem arises please contact us so we can try to restore your playlist from one of our backups.

Ref: Demo
Playlist: Demo Playlist

  1. First Dance
  2. Last Dance
  3. Must Play
  4. Don't Play
  5. Back Ground Played
  6. What We Played
  7. Request