Pricing for Weddings, Anniversaries and Birthday Parties

So, how much do we charge?

We have an evening rate base price for a standard setup which is suitable for most parties in a small to medium sized venue. To this we can then add our various optional extras, like a larger sound system, uplighting, moving heads or our full colour laser system.

Our Standard Setup

Our Standard Setup

This rig is suitable for most small to medium sized venues up to around 150 people; it consists of:

7 Overhead Lights, a Starcloth Booth and our FBT CS1000 Vertus PA System.

prices start from £450.00 

FBT CS1000 Vertus Array

PA Upgrade - Double up our FBT CS1000 Vertus System

If you have over 150 guests in a larger venue or you are outside in a Marquee, you will almost certainly want our PA System upgrade. 4 Bins and 4 Tops of our FBT CS1000 Vertus System, 4,000 Watts RMS of sound, this system really delivers in this configuration.

add £150.00 

Moving Heads

Lighting Upgrade - 4 x Moving Heads

Enhance our lighting rig with 4 of our moving heads. You may have seen similar lighting used on shows like Strictly Come Dancing, and they give us far more control over our lighting. We highly recommend booking them for any wedding or anniversary as they help to make your first dance look amazing.

They have 6 rotating gobos plus spotlight, with 8 colours and a 6 facet prism. The gobos can also be changed in them so it's possible to have snowflakes at Christmas or hearts for a wedding. If you really want, we can even get custom gobos made for them to put your name or company logo up in lights! (Additional charge will apply)

add £125.00 


Lighting Upgrade - 6 x Uplighters

Add some colour to the room with our uplighting package. Uplighters can really transform the look of a room especially if it's light and airy and you want to add some colour. You can either have them set to a single static colour to complement your events colour scheme or we can get them to change colour to the beat of the music via our computer control system, with various colour chases and fades. They do have a few limitations, firstly each uplighter needs to be placed near to a mains power socket as it's not always possible to run power cables all the way round the room. Secondly if the room has very dark walls then certain colours will not show up well, they work best in rooms with a light colour scheme.

add £125.00 

Full Colour Laser

Lighting Upgrade - Full Colour Laser

Our laser system is one of the most versatile and spectacular light effects we have in our show. We can use it to personalise your event and put your names or company logo up in lights laser style providing the venue has a suitable surface for us to project onto. It can also be used to convey information to your guests, for example, to announce the buffet has opened or last orders at the bar. If your chosen venue allows the use of a smoke or haze machine it can also produce spectacular multi-coloured laser beam shows.

add £100.00 

Giant Illuminated Letters

Giant Illuminated Letters - LOVE and Mr. & Mrs.

Yes we can also supply you with some of those giant illuminated letters.

Our suppliers have a few different types to choose from, the more basic white illuminated LOVE letters, some multi-coloured LOVE letters and of course not forgetting the illuminated Mr. & Mrs. ones.

add £175.00